Not much is known about Duke Mortimer Pertinax Dollop or where in old Europe he reigned over his duchy (or maybe it was a dukedom). Some say he was a butcher who performed experiments on his subjects, others a founding member of the Illuminati in Bavaria. Even now, it is rumored he was a hedonist and a worshipper of the Baphomet, the demon god of the Knights-Templar.


All we know for certain is that the Devil kicked him out of Hell because he was enjoying it too much. He has since been cast out to walk this mortal realm until the end of days. As part of his punishment, he must produce a monthly comedy in Hollywood across from a Food 4 Less.


His Den of the Damned, as he calls it, is but a pale echo of his original den -- a secret dungeon deep in the Duke's old castle where all manners of gross and weird shit would go down. The new one's mostly just comedy.


Now he lives in a room above the garage of retired couple's house in Altadena. It takes him four bus exchanges to get to Sunset and Western.