Omniana is a fantasy roleplaying debate game created by Aaron Delamatre. It was first played as part of comedy shows at Doogie Horner's Ministry of Secret Jokes in Philadelphia. Doogie has graciously given the Duke his blessing to rip off his idea for his show's closing bit.


The current OMNIANA WEST COAST CHAMPION is Ahamed Weinberg (1-0-0).


Omniana is played by two competitors. Each competitor will draw a CHARACTER CARD at random. An example character card reads like this:



The Living Jet is the result of an army experiment to fuse a man with a 6 ft. jet. He was fighting in World War II when he got orders to fight in another world. To this day he is still trying to kill all of the Space Nazis and Alien Nazis with his limited supply of missiles.

After each competitor draws his or her character card, a LOCATION CARD will be drawn for where the scene will take place. Then each competitor will have three rounds -- an opening statement, a rebuttal, and a closing statement -- to argue why his or her character would beat the other character in a battle.


Each competitor has ninety seconds per round. At the end of the third round, the audience will vote on the winner by round of applause. The winner will become the new OMNIANA WORLD CHAMPION and be awarded with the prestigious DUKE'S CUP.


Here is a video of an Omniana Battle during The Ministry of Secret Jokes, from 2011: